Contact details of the people who supplied or worked on this complete rebuild and mild customisation of "Mary Lou" the 59 Buick LeSabre Convertible.

Ricky Allen
Project manager and totally committed restored without whose help and patience together with a sense of humour this would not have happened. Minute by minute reporting and explanation, steady progress and thorough work.

Eric at
All the off the shelf replacement parts for Buicks you could wish for and very friendly helpful advice.

Steele Rubber
All the rubber seals again off the shelf, fast shipment and quality parts.

Buick-59 For all the support and up to date information given by people who run, own, repair and enjoy these timeless iconic machines

Delbert for the fan shroud

Delberts old Buick.

Marty Lackner purchaser of Delberts Buick Convertible above and supplier of hard to get parts for the B59. Knows the B59 inside out, great help with the engine.
ebay for some of the hard to come by parts and for the introduction to the many Buick fans worldwide.

Bling Rims
100 spoke 15" chrome wire wheels

James Allitt of JDA Trimming Services is the craftsman responsible for re-creating the interior.
JDA Trimming Services

M 07515471469

Raymond Mcqueary
Performance Suspension Technologies.
The home of Polygraphite
We supply performance engine, suspension and brakes parts for
foreign and American cars and trucks

Pearlcraft Steering Wheels

Fuel Tank Sending Unit repairs

Stainlesss Exhaust and Headers

Mike at RPM Motorsports,
Thanks for considering RPM Motorsports for your vintage auto parts needs. Our family has been in the auto parts and custom car business since 1957. We have a large selection of cars and parts coming in daily. If you have any questions please call U.S. toll Free 1-888-223-1864 Outside the U.S. 1-507-377-1138, Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. or leave a message after hours and we will return your call.

Convertible roof
Pacific Blue Hotrod Mohair Material supplied by Doug Haartz through ezyon tops and delivered to Carhoodsdirect in London.

Roof fitted by John and Brian at Soft Tops Direct, London. Carhoodsdirect are the official UK distributor for EZ-On Tops. ask for Juan, very helpful.