September '08 the Buick has gone off to Rick Allen of Autobodyshop in Chatham Kent for a total rebuild, restoration and paint job including a new convertible top, engine/gearbox out, engine bay strip out respray including under hood and chassis, engine rebore, all new parts, all new chrome, rebuild and detailing, chrome air cleaner and valve covers, engine bay rewire, new trunk carpet and door cards, new interior, new carpet, new air shocks, new radials with 60's whitewalls, new fromt window, replacement rubber and seals all round and 100 spoke chrome rims.

Now its June 2010 and to correct the above the whole car has been stripped to the last nut and bolt, The frame has been repaired, blasted and repainted to a shiny finish. The body was blasted completeley and every pinhole repaired, rustproofed and stone chipped underneath and the whole upped body had all the old repairs taken out and the panels rebeaten into shape. The interior was stripped to the frames, resprayed and rebuilt as new. All new leather seats and trim. all electrics rewired and new roof. There is not a piece which has not passed through untouched ... even the tank sender unit was repleced with a new one. Should get it back on the road for August 2010. 

April 2004 the day I picked the Buick up. November 2004 great wash jobsh Arriving at the paint shop September 2008 Previous job leaving and the Buick ready to go in. December 2008 .... gone too far to turn back now! ooooops that's the engine out! That explains the blowing noise I heard the last time I drove her!! Don't worry I have a new one for you to blow your hot gasses into. All the chrome ready to go to the Chrome Shop Jan 09 Bumbers ready for Chroming Feb 09 23 Feb 2009 23 Feb 2009 23 Feb 2009 First parts back from the Shot Blasters. 24 Feb 09 25 Feb 09 27 Feb 2009 06 March 2009 06 March 2009 06 March 2009 08 March 2009 The very first coat of paint applied to any part since arriving at Rick's AutoBodyShop 08 March 2009 08 March 2009 Rick said he would park it in the garage, I didn't think he meant like this ..... lol Rims Mary Lou off to the media blasters 07946490615 is the number for Rick This is neat towing arrangement Interior on its way to the trimmers for a leather treat Thats the seats stripped The old upholstery now to be used as a pattern. Tyres arrived today 21 March 2009 Body is back from the blasters 21 March 2009 Chassis being prepared for painting. The block and crank are also back from being rebored and reground. The engine needed 20 and the crank 10. Now waiting on Marty Lackner to send over the full engine kit so it can be rebuilt. Hurry up Marty the Buick is needed for Rick and Bailee's wedding in May This is what happens if you chain someones rear axle to a fire hydrant and they drive off!! First bit of retrimming and the new interior color 27 March 2009 Carpet to match, the center one Aluminum stitching will sparkle in the sun. New door card being set out More Chroming going ready to be collected 27 March 2009 Seat frames painted and ready for the trimmers 29 March 2009 underside of the front seat, now painted and off to the trimmers. Amazing what you can do with two engine stands! Spot of welding to the frame First coat of paint applied to the chassis 12 April 2009 Body mounted on two adapted engine stands so it can be turned for painting. The chassis is now painted and ready. 15 April 2009 rear seat being re-upholstered Wheels and tyres are together for the first time. 17th April 2009 The gearbox ready to be refitted 19th April 2009 Still Waiting Marty, Now mid June 30th June 2009 Smooth wheel arches!

The second picture shows the steering wheel after minor repairs were done and in the first picture the steering wheel has had two thickening coats ( generic black plastic) of aprox 4-5 ml, two further coats of the pearl plastic yet to be applied.

Wheel & knobs , base coloured.

Gear and indicator levers have been re chromed and bands hand machined to be fitted to same.

All ready now for the final coating.

Anyone who has taken a car apart and totally rebuilt it will know the longest job and showing the least progress is the preparation of the exterior for the paintwork. This job has gone on and on, lining up the doors, trunk, and front fenders to get the perfect gap on the joins and also even more importantly to ensure a straight and completeley flat base to apply the final coats of paint to. Get this wrong and some eagle eyed critic will notice the ripple you thought you had flattened out. So here are a few pictures taken in the last 4 weeks.

And to my friend Pete, thanks for reminding me I had not updated my site

The steering wheel is on its way back from Wheelcraft in Australia. The colors compliment the exterior white and interior blue. The wheel has been thickened and all the chrome redone. The gear lever has been extended a little and the chrome rings are a custom finish.

The firewall with the basecoat, topcoat and laquer applied Nov 2009


more progress to report.
Brakes now functional, more chrome added, making good and preparing for painting the glove bax and other dash items, soundproofed the firewall. New foel tank sender unit fitted and the sound pad fitted, there will be enough done to send her to the trimmers Monday and then there will be some big additions. Can't wait.

Seats are laid in to get a visual check and the first trimming starts with the trunk and the backing plates.

Progress pictures of the front end metalwork being attached. Fenders next.

November 2010 Jon and Brian at Soft Tops Direct have the car now and their progress is shown below

Tops nearly done. Beautiful tight fit, no ripples and the rear window is near perfect. MaryLou is just waiting for a metal retaining strip which is on its way from the States and should be here next week. This strip fits across the leading edge of the roof and it covers all the staples.
MaryLou is then off to have the interior fitted. Then she is back for the engine run up, final painting and front end assembly. The weather here is appauling, 14" snow in places and even -20c in some remote areas, so it will be after the new year wnen she finally comes home.

H is a link to a video recently taken of the Buick just before thettp://

Trunk almost done and the carpets fitted Feb 11, seats next Month.

March 2011 More interior pictures, hand finishing just takes so much longer but I can see the end. Now all the panels are fitted it just leaving the seats to finish off.
The rubber foot brake pad arrived this wek and will be fitted next week.

Here is the link to the engine start

Bad gaskets and the engine had to come out!

Fully repainted then rebuilt a few decisions had to be made....... which one would you go with?

This one ......

Or this one?!

That was difficult as the outsider, the 2bbl, won.

The engine is now back in and running perfectly. as seen on youtube.

Here are some dash painting and assembly photos.

The final assembly is now well under way

Moving on now. MaryLou has been road tested for a couple of miles on two occasions and everything is working fine apart from a small rattle in the pass door. The door card if still off so thats easy to fix. All the major components are fine and Ric the guy who has done nearly all the work had a smile a mile wide on his face roadtesting her,even though the hood was not secure and he was holding the ragtop down with one hand and steering with the other..... a true restorer.
Here are some pictures bringing the project up to date. I am hoping to get a correct '59 4bbl and manifold here shortly if my supplier gets his finger out and ships them quickly. I can then upgrade the performance to offset all the extra weight I have added with the many gallons of paint, 5 hides of leather, acres of soundproofing, a truckload of stonechip and heavy carpets. forgot to add 200lbs of me! Headlights are HID's so I can see where I am going.

Well, I have been so wrapped up with driving Marylou and taking her everywhere I go I have neglected my board.
MaryLou has over 1,700 miles under her belt and she has been used everyday as a daily driver. She has been to the office, taken clients out for lunch, been to the store many times and with english space I take up 4!!. She has had a first service and never missed a beat. She has loosened up and pulls very well, at 75 she can pull up to 95 as good as any. The drive is so smooth and after the first service where everything was re-tightened she now feels so solid. The steering is spot on with no wander. Can't sing her praises enough apart from to say when I am driving her I am away in the 60's and I love it.
No oil being used now from the transmission or the engine and she is averaging 17 miles to the gallon. she has been up to 95 and there is lots more in her, but I want to get a few more miles under her belt before I see what she really will do. The only hiccup I have are the fan belts which are very squeaky when cold, I am goint to guess because of the alternator they are slipping a bit and need a different size.
Here are some pictures of her very first outing with Ric piloting.

Here she is stored away for the winter 2011/2012